Dalton Koss HQ is excited to announce that the Album Rescue Series book is now available for sale! Order your copy via our online retailer 


At Dalton Koss HQ we love to empower those around us. To accompany the Album Rescue Series book, the very talented SAE Institute audio students were asked to put together an album of songs reinterpreted from some of the rescued albums found in our book. Students put their Producer hats on and were given total freedom to scope their reinterpretation as they wished. The resulting record has some very interesting responses, many of which reflect the students’ area of passion or expertise. Have a listen while reading the Album Rescue Series book! (Note: language warning on some tracks). To hear this music, follow the SoundCloud link.


Our aim at Dalton Koss HQ is to inspire a new generation of leaders to think and act beyond traditional silos.

To do this, Dalton Koss HQ delivers exciting, innovative work in knowledge brokering, leadership and research in diverse fields such as, marine policy and science, popular music, entertainment business, environmental science and sustainability and the management of creative talent.

Dalton Koss HQ Mission:

To provide creative solutions through inspirational leadership.

Dalton Koss HQ Partners

Dalton Koss HQ comprises of Tim Dalton and Dr Rebecca Koss.

Tim and Rebecca are passionate, proactive, inclusive, strategic, enjoy empowering others and above all, apply compassion to all that they do. They share a passion for: leadership, knowledge brokering, environment, music, health and wellbeing, creativity and harvesting and promoting ideas.

Dalton Koss HQ Partner, Dr Rebecca Koss.
Dalton Koss HQ Partner, Dr Rebecca Koss.
Dalton Koss HQ Partner, Tim Dalton.
Dalton Koss HQ Partner, Tim Dalton.


‘Dalton Koss HQ respectfully acknowledge Traditional Owners and Custodians of the Country on which it works.’

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